Punk the Capital @ Black Cat Washington DC June 10th, 2014

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As I briefly mentioned in my last post there has been a lot of nostalgia surrounding the 80′s D.C. hardcore scene lately. There are several movies currently on the cutting room floor racing to get to the box office. I know of at least three documentaries that are in the works. One of which is Punk the Capitol. Described as “A documentary exploring how Punk took hold in Washington D.C., from 1976 through the harDCore explosion of the early 1980s.” Filmmakers James Schneider and Paul Bishow launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce the film and release it to the public. In addition to their crowd funding there was a fundraiser at the Black Cat where they were going to show unseen, uncut footage that was shot on a Super-8 and conduct a Q&A session following the viewing. Since I had contributed to the campaign, I thought I’d attend this session and learn more about what James and Paul are working on.

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Big Tony’s Birthday Celebration hosted by Dave Grohl @ 9:30 Club Washington DC May 5, 2014

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The advertisement for this show was casually announced through the 9:30 club’s webmail service.  When I saw it I immediately got excited.  There’s been a nostalgic resurgence surrounding DC’s hardcore scene that thrived in the 80′s.  Coincidentally, I too had been doing a bit of research on the scene on my own that seemed to be almost in tandem with this revival:attending the Pump Me Up exhibit a few years ago at the Corcoran, digging around for any footage of 80′s hardcore shows I could find, studying up on the individuals, bands, labels (Dischord), and generally learning about this genre that thrived in Washington DC and eventually inspired a whole movement.  It’s really eye opening to see how many musicians that played in DCHC groups that went on to play in other bands that were commercially successful in the 90′s.  One of these artists is Dave Grohl, who we all know played drums for Nirvana and is the front man for the Foo Fighters.  So naturally, this show was kind of a big deal being that the bill featured Trouble Funk, The Don’t Need It’s featuring Darryl Jenifer, Dr. Know, Pete Stahl, Dave Grohl, plus a Special Guest…

Trouble Funk's Big Tony's Birthday Celebration hosted by Dave Grohl.

Trouble Funk’s Big Tony’s Birthday Celebration hosted by Dave Grohl.













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Flatbush Zombies @ Williamsburg Hall of Music NYC April 24th, 2014

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This was one of the more interesting performances I’ve attended this year and it’s actually a pretty good story.  I definitely learned something from this show.  I had so much anticipation for this event. Everyone has bad days but…

So, I’m heading up to New York to visit with my family.  My mother decided that she wanted to take my 14 year old nephew from Burlington North Carolina to New York City for his first ever trip to The Big Apple.  A few days before my adventure I decided to see what shows were occurring while I was in the city.  Doing some searching online I come across tickets to see the Flatbush Zombies my first night in town!  I’m super excited at this point.  Every time that they’ve come to Washington DC up to this point I’ve missed.  I was either on vacation or just caught the announcement too late.  For whatever reason, I’d not been able to see them to date.  However, to catch them on their home turf, in Brooklyn NY would be amazing!  This was personally worth the $70 I paid for my ticket to the already sold out show.  Ok, so everything is just coming together at this point.  I’m planning to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years that has recently moved from San Francisco to New York (I was able to get him a ticket for $20 as opposed to my $70, but hey at this point I’m on vacation and we’re going to the show so I wasn’t going to be salty).  I’m super excited all of this is happening the first night I’m in town!  What could possibly go wrong?

Flatbush Zombies @ Williamsburg Hall of Music April 24, 2014

Flatbush Zombies @ Williamsburg Hall of Music

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Ex Hex @ Black Cat Washington DC March 5th, 2014

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A good friend of mine suggested I catch this show.  So, I scooped up a few tickets and convinced my buddy Li to ride along with me. I’m pretty sure he was not all that prepared for what we were about to see.  To be honest, I wasn’t either.  See, lately I’ve been following the DC Hardcore/Punk scene that has recently been the subject of many documentaries that are about to be released and I wanted to see some punk rock.  Lucky for me I got to catch DC’s Mary Timony rock with her band Ex Hex.

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Earl Sweatshirt @ 9:30 Club Washington DC February 17, 2014

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One of my goals for 2014 is to attend a show a month for the entire year. Here we are in June and I’m going to do my best to archive them here on candlewaxrecords.com. The last post was the most recent performance I went to, Tyler the Creator. Now, I’m working backwards a bit, to get all caught up.

Earl Sweatshirt w/ Vince Staples at 9:30 Club February 17 2014

Earl Sweatshirt w/ Vince Staples at 9:30 Club











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