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electric blanket
At first I wasn’t sure what to make of Nine:Fifteen, where they a hip-hop group trying to be new wave-ish, where they a pop group using hip-hop just to act cool, was this on some hipster shit, or just something unknown? I was intrigued, so I listened, listened more, and then listened again.

Electric Blanket (Candlewax) are a group that aren’t about doing things in a straightforward or direct way, and that’s good. They seem to be a mixture of N*E*R*D*, Black Eyed Peas, Lupe Fiasco, Gym Class Heroes, and Big Tittie Nippleclips. There are moments where they’re rhyming in a way where you want to say “damn, that’s really nice” and other times they’re trying to convert pop and pop-rock sensibilities into a hip-hop context and it doesn’t quite work.
Songs that do work on here include “Rugged”, “Dr. Johnson”, and “Guarded Things”, and when it does work, they sound like the kind of guys that could open up for Time Machine and make the crowd pumped.
Now, when I don’t listen to it as a hip-hop album, it’s a really trippy listen and is less confusing, it makes me laugh a lot because it doesn’t sound like something that should be properly cohesive. In a time where ringtones are king, does it matter of any music cohesive? Maybe not, and maybe this could be just some random slices of boof baf sliced into it with a hint of pepper and paprika. If that’s the case, then they could the kind of group that would be alongside the likes of New Kingdom, but that suggests that their foot is planted firmly in hip-hop. If it’s not directly hip-hop, then one can hear a group who likes to flip flop, and hip-hop purists aren’t going to like this. If you like your music to be as unpredictable as a John Zorn attack of the senses, you’re going to find that within the context of Nike:Fifteen. I think it’s safe to say not everyone is going to understand this, but if you feel something while listening to it, let it molest your ears until it tingles your peepee hole. Then you will approach the dionysian. In other words, once you grasp onto something, pull it in until you are immersed in its juiceess. Then approach the dionysian.


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