UPDATED: Candlewax Records – The Acorns “Oak Future” EP

Re: Release proposal for The Acorns “Oak Future” EP

Date: December 8, 2013

UPDATED: Proposed release date March 11th, 2014.

1.  Free digital copy with submission of email with option to donate on Bandcamp.

2.  Digital distribution through IODA.

3.  Proposal of Record Release party?  Tag along on a show there abouts in February.


Mad Squirrel writing at Irish CarBomb Studio Alexandria VA



Current Status:

Projected Implementation:

Step 1. Submit tracks for mastering by December 15th 2013

Step 2. One sheet for promoting December 20th

Step 3. Promote to blogs *December 24th / Jan 1.

Step 4. Release March, 11th 2014


1.  Twitter

2.  Mailchimp eMail campaign

3.  Bandcamp *free download with email submission or small donation.

4.  Soundcloud *stream from February 1st – March 11th 2014 then make all available for free.

Implementation Summary:

Phase 1: Prepare for release:

1.  Master tracks *submit December 15th

2.  Album cover layout *squirrel with shoes inside acorn.

UPDATED: Phase 2: Release “Shooting in the Dark” (Digital March 11th 2014):

1.  Promote record release by streaming album on soundcloud Feb1 – March 11th 2014 then make available for download for free.

2.  Bandcamp – Create page make available for small donation or email submission.

3.  Mailchimp Campaign Feb. 1.

4.  Blogs Feb. 1.

Phase 3: Show? / Support for album? (TBD):

1.  Record Release Party/Show DC.

2.  College Radio Reach out.

3.  Work with IODA on online distribution via iTunes etc.

Note: *Looking for your input on promotional ideas.

Track listing:

1.  Have No Regrets

2.  Nu Romance Rap

3.  Three Little Birds Remix

4.  Mutants of Left Brain Perception feat. Watusi

5.  Never Know feat. Bronze Baby Shoes

6.  It’s No Secret


1. Nu Romance Rap – Eddie Vic Remix

2. 5 She Remix feat. New Agey, Waes-One, and Prego 3.5

Chris Terry Quote for one sheet:

“BlakeNine has created a unique sound that meshes perfectly with Mad Squirrel’s storytelling. The Acorns “Untitled” EP is the rare underground rap release that manages to be progressive and strange while staying accessible and catchy. I’m reminded of arty, early ’90s crossover rap mixed and wordy, late ’90s backpacker hip-hop.” – Chris L. Terry, author of Zero Fade