Candlewax Records – BlakeNine & Vex DaVortex (digital 7inch)

Re:    Release proposal for BlakeNine & Vex DaVortex Digital 7inch

Current Status: Released June 24th 2014

Project Art:

BlakeNine & Vex Da Vortex

BlakeNine & Vex Da Vortex

Proposed release date June 24th, 2014.

1.  Free digital copy with submission of email with option to donate on Bandcamp.

2.  Digital distribution through IODA.

Projected Implementation:

Step 1. One sheet for promoting May 20th, 2014.

Step 2. Promote to blogs *May 20th, 2015.

Step 3. Release June 24th, 2014


1.  Twitter

2.  Mailchimp eMail campaign

3.  Bandcamp *free download with email submission or small donation.

4.  Soundcloud *stream from May 20th. until June 2th th 2014 then make all available for free.

Implementation Summary:

Phase 1: Prepare for release:

1.  One sheet – tell a story…

Phase 2: Release “BlakeNine & Vex DaVortex” (Digital June 24th 2014):

1.  Promote record release by streaming album on soundcloud May 20th – June 24th 2014 then make available for download for free.

2.  Bandcamp – Create page make available for small donation or email submission.

3.  Mailchimp Campaign May 20th.

Phase 3:  Release / Support for single? (TBD):

1.  College Radio Reach out.

2.  Work with IODA on online distribution via iTunes etc.

3.  Stickers

4.  Remixes?

Note: *Looking for input on promotional ideas for small / single releases.

Track listing:

1.  Oxygen

2.  Two Hooks One Verse