Earl Sweatshirt @ 9:30 Club Washington DC February 17 2014

One of my goals for 2014 is to attend a show a month for the entire year. Here we are in June and I’m going to do my best to archive them here on candlewaxrecords.com. The last post was the most recent performance I went to, Tyler the Creator. Now, I’m working backwards a bit, to get all caught up.

Earl Sweatshirt w/ Vince Staples at 9:30 Club February 17 2014

Earl Sweatshirt w/ Vince Staples at 9:30 Club

In February I went to see Earl Sweatshirt at the 9:30 club. Honestly, I wish I had written about this show right after I saw it, because I don’t remember all that much about the performance six months later.  Let that be a lesson learned.  However, I do remember having a great time though.  Earl, one of the more talented MC’s out of the OFWGKTA camp was joined by hypeman and Vince Staples this evening. Who also performed a few of his new tracks and provided back ups all night for Mr. Sweatshirt. I noticed lately that Taco has been filling in the shoes of his sister Syd the Kid while she’s been focusing on her project The Internet. He’s been getting a lot of chops as a tour DJ for the group and that’s been an interesting progression to watch. It was a fun show this cold evening in February. The crowd was full of energy.  This time I moved from my usual spot in the back near the soundboard after a beer to the balcony for a few songs. I had a great view one of my favorite songs “Whoa” from Earl’s latest album Doris.  I found some video footage of that performance which I’ve provided below. Enjoy!