Ex Hex @ Black Cat Washington DC March 5th, 2014

A good friend of mine suggested I catch this show.  So, I scooped up a few tickets and convinced my buddy Li to ride along with me. I’m pretty sure he was not all that prepared for what we were about to see.  To be honest, I wasn’t either.  See, lately I’ve been following the DC Hardcore/Punk scene that has recently been the subject of many documentaries that are about to be released and I wanted to see some punk rock.  Lucky for me I got to catch DC’s Mary Timony rock with her band Ex Hex.

We rolled up to The Black Cat a little late this chilly Wednesday night in DC.  Just missing the Swoops performance we walked in and caught NYC based band Teen setting up.  They took the stage with their shoegazey, psychedelic, and zombie like performance. I enjoyed most of all of Teen’s performance but recall some of it being polarizing and unmemorable.

Ex Hex’s Mary Timony’s dexterous guitar riffs were intoxicating as bassist Betsy Wright and drummer Laura Harris kept up with Timony’s unrelenting energy onstage. They are a true punk rock power trio, seemingly transported out of a garage from the 1980’s and picked up where they left off. Ex Hex’s songs, for the most part, are pretty straightforward and relatively simple.  I personally would like to see Mary Timony and Hanni El Khatib form a super group.  Now that would be some heavy guitar playing!

Before the night was over Ex Hex walked back onstage and gave the audience two more songs in true rockstar fashion.

*Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos from this event.