Candlewax Records Presents Live @ the Galaxy Hut June 22 2014

After a few attempts to get someone that was in attendance to do a little write up I’ve decided it was time to keep the blog posting rolling… If you were at the show and have photos or video you would like to share, send it to us!  We’ll add them to this post.

Candlewax Records had a BIG June.  Bisquite flew out from LA to help us (The Acorns) shoot a video.  Since we had most of the artists on the label in the same place at once I thought I’d try and set up a performance.  I scrambled to find a show venue and the Galaxy Hut in Arlington VA came through for us, again.  Honestly, this spot is perfect.  It has a great selection of craft beers on tap, great bar food if you get the munchies, and even a Ms. Pacman vintage video game.  We invited some friends to perform with us. See some video of the event below!

Candlewax Records Presents @ the Galaxy Hut June 22, 2014 Arlington VA

Candlewax Records Presents

Candlewax Records Presents