DC Hip Hop Duo Return with Oak Future EP

The word has been out for a while now, but, seeing as the new release is set to drop soon, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you that DC hip hop duo The Acorns have indeed returned. Comprised of Team One Love’s BlakeNine and his partner in crime Mad Squirrel, the two felt the creative juices return after a hiatus to work on other projects. Going straight to work, the re-unified Acorns set out planning a new release. The Candlewax Records (who incidentally will be putting out the new record) website updated the release of the new album, Oak Future as March 11th, 2014.

The Acorns are providing a healthy combination of current big names doing interesting things, such as Danny Brown, and classic 90’s experimental hip-hop such as Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Kool Keith, and Anti-Pop Consortium. It’s a fantastic breath of fresh air compared to the overly bloated 808’s and electro-pop infused radio hip-hop drowning the rap world right now. Check out the entire album below, and then keep your eyes peeled to the Candlewax website for more info on the official release of
The Acorns – Oak Future.

Source: One Love Massive