Sean Julian and Gen Ken at Sonic Circuits Festival @ Pyramid Atlantic Silver Spring MD October 5 2014

I mentioned in a pervious post on the Fresh & Only’s show I went to in July and how a great friend had Big Ant introduced me to a awesome group of people I still hang out with.  One of those friends is Sean Julian. Sean and Ant both worked at the Amoeba in San Francisco for a period of time.  Sean priced records, Anthony stocked the hip hop section.  Sean and I became good friends pretty quickly.  He would pull records aside for me that had loops and breaks he would suggested adding to my collection.  Through the years we got so close that he would pull these super rare records aside for me that I could use in my production.  He even hosted me for a few months in San Francisco in 2004 when I was in between jobs.  More recently, I caught up with Sean in NYC where he’s living now. We went to a Flatbush Zombies show in Brooklyn one evening.  Another night we spent hanging out at his place to and sharing new music we’ve been working on.  He introduced me to Kevin Beasley and the next day we saw him perform at an art gallery in Chelsea.

Sean has introduced me to what I have depicted as “sound scaping”.  It’s like soundtrack music or ambient.  Taking these sounds, usually recorded themselves and manipulate them with effects or by playing backwards etc.  Honestly, it’s kinda cool to watch.  It’s almost like what I image watching Jackson Pollock paint, but with audio.

I saw perform Sean Julian perform with Gen Ken Montgomery and Andrea, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity* described as an “8-Track Magic: A Light Odyssey”.  Below I’ve added a link to Sean’s new project Screw Feet.

Sean Julian and Gen Ken breaking their gear down @ Pyramid Atlantic October 5 2014

Sean Julian and Gen Ken breaking their gear down @ Pyramid Atlantic October 5 2014