Review: The Acorns – “Oak Follies” EP

After their Oak Future release, The Acorns are back with a follow up EP entitled Oak Follies. Once again, DJ BlakeNine and Mad Squirrel hold down their brand with an impeccable flare for just being different. The Acorns stick to their own script.

The EP takes you through a whirlwind of sounds and blends that complement the group. DJ BlakeNine is on the production and Mad Squirrel on the Mic. This project continues showing that there is music out there other that than what one hears on the radio.

Strong tracks on the EP include “Uncommon Women,” Virginia Angler” and “Paul Pierce (Big Ball Paul).” This project has a different vibe to it, but listening to it makes being different something rather enjoyable. Overall, this is a solid project.

Source: Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 7/10