Trash Talk @ Black Cat Washington DC February 28 2015

Trash Talk, Ratking, and Lee Bannon made a stop in DC. Being a hardcore fan and an an Odd Future fan I had to catch this show. Trash Talk is an American hardcore band from Sacramento CA and are signed to Odd Future’s record label.

Trash Talk at Black Cat Washington DC February 28 2015

Trash Talk at Black Cat Washington DC February 28 2015

I ended up going with a friend of mine who was in a popular DCHC band in the mid nineties. To be honest, we ended up cutting out early on Lee Bannon and Ratking. I’ve heard a handful of Ratking features.  Howerver, his live performance was a bit annoying to me. Lee Bannon had some dope beats and this piece of gear that would filter his beats when he waved his hand over it. Even with all that, we ended up at Saint Ex for a pint.

Returning fifteen minutes later to catch the beginning of Trash Talk’s set.  It was surprising that stage diving and a mosh pit was permitted. My friend and I have been to a lot of shows at the Black Cat and usually see folks getting tossed out for this type of behavior.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s kind of the reason most folks would end up at a Trash Talk performance to be a part of the show.  There was a lot of energy in the room that night. That’s what I got most of out this event. It’s the shot of motivation I need to get back on the grind.

I was lucky enough to find this footage of the DC show on line.  Enjoy for yourself.