Death Grips @ 9:30 Club Washington DC July 11

I enjoyed “The Money Store” album a lot.  It was my soundtrack to my April 2014 trip to NYC. Truthfully, I didn’t really listen to the other projects a whole lot but was still compelled to catch them on their stop in DC.  It was all the press surrounding the group over the past three years.  Their consistent release of music, break up, and then their sly announcement that they were getting back together and going on tour.


I finally got my hearing back about two days after the this show. Their performance was intense! The entire floor of the 9:30 club was a mosh pit. Which is probably why the security at the 9:30 was abnormal. I’d never seen that much security detail at a show there. I believe they were hired to shake attendees down for their pocket knives or key chains, etc. Any item that you could easily forget about but, do damage in a mosh pit with, I guess. Which is probably why I spent most of the evening tucked into my special spot between the merchandise and soundboard. Then, I moved upstairs to get a better view for the second half of the show.


I wish I had been more diligent about writing this right after the performance. It was impressive to see Zach Hill on the drums. The amount of sound that was coming from these three people and the energy of MC Ride and how the crowd was responding was an impressive site.