Camp Flog Gnaw @ LA Coliseum November 14 2015

This is becoming a tradition now. I fly out to LA in the Fall, record a handful of songs with my friend, and hit Camp Flog Gnaw. 2015 was the 4th Annual carnival, however only the second one I’ve attended and it did not disappoint.  I listened to the openers (Prof) via Dash Radio / The Shane Show while commuting to the Los Angeles Coliseum for the event. We entered the camp grounds to “Get Away” from The Internet which served as the perfect soundtrack to the beginning of the night. After enjoying a few more songs from The Internet we decided to walk around and get familiar with the rest of the festival grounds.


We walked up on the second stage just as the sun was setting. The Living Legends had just started performing and this year the whole gang was there. After watching most of their set we walked over to the main stage and caught a few songs from YG. Camp Flog Gnaw 2015 featured a third stage and skate park inside of the basketball arena. We went over to the arena to catch Trash Talk and Danny Brown. Trash Talk was intense! Watching the kids in the mosh pit and enjoying the energy of the show safely  from the balcony of the arena. Danny Brown was cool. I remember it being a bit difficult to hear what he was saying on the mic. That honestly had nothing to do with listening to Trash Talk just before (insert volume 11 joke here). I can honestly say I was disappointed in Danny’s performance. After watching the skateboarders for a bit it was over to the main stage where Atmosphere was  taking the stage. I’ve seen Atmosphere probably five times prior to this.  However, not in several years. In case you were wondering Slug and Ant haven’t fallen off.  Slug commanded the stage with veteran swagger. I wish they would have performed more songs off of “God Loves Ugly”. However, after not seeing them in a while the show consisting mainly of songs from the Sad Clown Bad Dub era filled the years that were void. Then it was over to the side stage where FlyLo was stepping in for a Flostradamus no show. Rumor has it, Flostradamus was on one of those boat rave/cruise and someone was murdered, so they got held up on the boat for a few days while the authorities investigated. FlyLo was amazing. Personally, the impromtu FlyLo billing was more appealing to me than Flostradamus. There was a DJ Taco set in there somewhere too. That was about what you would expect it would be. A lot of trap songs and kids going crazy while Taco ran the width of the stage like a caged lion, throwing water bottles and hyping the crowd.

Camp Flog Gnaw 2015

We walked back over to the main stage for the whole reason everyone was at the carnival.  Tyler the Creator was beginning one of the last shows of his 2015 tour.  It was now November and he’d been touring the world steadily since April with a week or two back in LA occasionally between trips.  Why not end the year with a huge carnival that you curate all of the talent for?.  His set was great.  A performance with a nice mixture of older tracks for those die hard fans and tunes from his latest release “Cherry Bomb”.

Camp Flog Gnaw November 2015

“Bring in the HORNS!” – Tyler the Creator

The highlight for me was A$AP Rocky’s show. The side stage area was so packed I really couldn’t see the performers that well, but I could tell the stage was dressed up like a 50’s Juke Box type of joint complete with pinball machines. The retro visual caught my attention and from there it was an ear opener for me. I’d come across a handful of tracks that I liked from A$AP up to this point. After that performance, I’m a die hard fan.  AND I couldn’t even see his performance!

Snoop Dog ended the night. Which was cool for nostalgia’s sake but his performance was very lack luster and consisted of the dj playing a melody of 90’s tracks while Snoop smoked blunts and hyped the song. It was cool seeing him, but it really felt like he showed up for a check and that was about it. Over all it was a fantastic event/carnival whatever. I’m hoping to go again next year.