Dag Nasty @ Black Cat Washington DC April 21 2016

Furthering my DC hardcore education and catching up on some of the experiences I missed back in the day I made sure to get tickets for this reunion. Dag Nasty playing a night in DC? Let’s go! I “couldn’t have timed this show any better” I thought as I walked right as they started playing their first song of the set.

*Thanks to Joesuburb for this steller video of the show.

I won’t pretend to have a whole lot of knowledge of their music. I did know going into the venue that Brian Baker from Minor Threat / Bad Religion was the lead guitarist.  Other than that, I was playing catch up and just enjoying the experience of seeing a legendary DC hardcore group get together for yet another performance. Pretty cool to see Soulside and Dag Nasty within six months of each other. Not many people can say that!