Buckethead @ Howard Theater DC May 11 2016

I’ve had Buckethead on my “to see live” list for a while.  Their marketing reached me this time and when I learned he was coming to town, I got tickets. I learned about him when I was in college. There’s not much more to really say other than Buckethead is probably one of the most technically proficient guitar players living. Combined with an appearance so mysterious you can’t do anything other than look, and wonder how this man got so good.

Buckethead1He did a stint with Axel Rose in Chinese Democracy. Released albums with Les Claypool and DJ Qbert. Buckethead has a lot of music out there that’s worth checking out.  I’m partial to his ballads. However, his funky grooves are usually accommodated with “the robot” style dancing. It’s a specktical.  Check out the video for one of his songs at the Howard Theater below!

*Soothsayer on the video cred