Q&A with DC/LA underground artists SO {Standing Ovation}

What up SO {Standing Ovation} , we really enjoyed your new video “SPEED”. How long have you been rapping? What area code in LA do you rep? How did you get started? And how did you come up with SO?

The Character: Man, LA is such a wild place. I’m still trying to understand it let alone rep it. I’ve been rapping ever since I fell in love with hip hop music you know a versus here a versus there. Professionally though where people actually gave a shit about what I had to say, probably 15 years. I’d been making music with Time Machine and I met Bronze Baby Shoes through Jaysonic. Bronze Baby Shoes was playing beats up at Jaysonic’s house and that beat would later become our first song “Say What” and the rest is history. We’ve actually changed our name from “Nine:Fifteen” to “SO”. The music we started making was just so different from how we originally started out so we figured we should re brand it with a different name. Our style is whatever we feel so that lead us to call the group “SO”. We’ll make shit that makes no sense or that doesn’t logically fit into a project and be like, “SO”!

Bronze Baby Shoes: I’m actually from Alexandria VA 22314, just outside Washington DC.

How do you feel about the over saturated online Hip Hop promo game today? As you can clearly see, there are thousands of rappers be born everyday, trying to get fame overnight! ESPECIALLY IN LA!! LOL What separates you from the pack? What makes you different?

Bronze Baby Shoes: The Hip Hop promo game has definitely evolved since we started putting out records. I think what separates us from the pack is that we’ve actually been at it since 2001 with our first 7inch release, “Say What”. That’s 15 years of grinding. We started as Nine:Fifteen, then wanted to really experiment with the music and SO {Standing Ovation} evolved out of Nine:Fifteen. There is absolutely no overnight success here. Just blood, sweet, and tears. What’s changed is we used to put money into pressing records. Now we put money into promotion because it’s very difficult to cut through the herd otherwise.

The Character: Our sound definitely makes us different it’s pretty difficult to brand us and that’s a double edge sword. It’s really easy to get caught up in trends and doing what’s hot at the time but we’re pretty good at creating our own lane. That can make it hard for people to relate to what you’re doing but we always get respect for doing our own thing.

Please breakdown the creative process of your latest video “Speed”.

The Character: I like to work with found footage and I’ve been spending a lot of time with Adobe After Effects lately so I wanted to play off the title of the project with the COLISEUM. There always has to be the element of sexiness. Provided I had the budget, it would’ve been some straight up eyes wide shut not safe for work shit.

Who are your West-Coast Hip Hop influences?

The Character: It’s difficult to distinguish between what you like and who actually influenced you. I love all the popular 90s West Coast groups in but it’s hard to say if I was in influenced by them. I can definitely say I was inspired by those groups and wanted to make records that are at least as good as theirs. Groups like The Nonce, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Hieroglyphics, Madlib…

Bronze Baby Shoes: RBL Posse, 415, E-40, Lootpack, Madlib, Justin Warfield, The Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, Forrest Fires Collective, Tyler the Creator. Really there are too many to name.

We got exposed to you via AMW Group. Real professional and highly respected PR people over there! How did you link up with AMW? How has linking up with AMW helped your music get more exposed?

Bronze Baby Shoes: I mentioned above, back in the day I could press a record, mail it to magazines and I’d pick up 20 or so features with 5 or more being in a prominent published zine. Now, it’s a very different ball game. I’m looking for ways to increase the exposure of my group. I realize that blogs and magazines receive thousands of emails and submissions a day. If they have no idea who you are, the likelihood of a feature is minimal. The writers change so frequently that it’s impossible to keep up with who they are, handle the day-to-day of a boutique record label, and have some time to make music. I felt like we needed some professional help on top of our marketing efforts to make a difference. So, after doing some research and speaking with a few firms. We decided AMW was the best fit for us.

How often do you perform LIVE. Any shows lined up in the near future?

Bronze Baby Shoes: We perform as much as possible. With me being on the east coast and The Character on the west coast it can be challenging. We usually try to get at least one or two shows in a year. We are looking for more though. Hint hint…

The Character: Yeah not that many live shows. I’m really still focusing on the craft. I feel like we’re still finding ourselves.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

Bronze Baby Shoes: Hopefully much closer than I am now to being able to make a full-time living off of making music and performing.

The Character: In a sweet house with a nice chunk of change arranging strings, horns, basslines and chords.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Bronze Baby Shoes: When you actually have to move some dirt around and explore unconventional avenues to discover new music.

The Character: Shit that’s dope as fuck but nobody knows about it.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.


Instagram: @sostandingovation

Twitter: @_SO_SO_SO_SO


Lastly, and shout out?

The Character: Shout out to Underground Hip Hop thanks for holding us down. Sex-s our cover artist, all of our friends and fans, Mike Ill, Vin Armani and the culture.

Bronze Baby Shoes: Christian Clancy & Kelly Clancy at 4Strikes, holler at us.

Source: Underground Hip Hop Blog