2017 Wrap Up

Man, I did a horrible job of blogging shows I went to last year. Looks like about half way through the year I gave up! Well, here’s a real quick run down. After that Pharcyde show in Denver I think there was a considerable amount of time that passed before I went to see live music. At least as far as I can remember. I saw my first arena rap show in July at the Verizon Center here in DC. Kendrick Lamar was really dope, however being in such a large space it made me wish I’d seen him on his climb rather than at the peak of his career.

Once again there was a bit of time in between the Kendrick show and my next outing. I caught Brockhampton for my second time in 2017 at Rock & Roll Hotel. This time the fellas were a little more polished since the last stop in DC where Kevin Abstract headlined. They rolled with their own soundman and he came with his own gear which I thought was really cool. He had a rolling road case with a mixing board and processors for the show. This stop was about a month before they dropped Saturation III. It was a good performance. Despite performing Star a whopping seven times, I enjoyed the set. Personally, I think Dom is the standout performer/mc. For what it’s worth…

I flew out to LA for Echo Park Rising which was absolutely amazing. I saw so many great bands. So many different styles that covered the entire spectrum and all sub genres. Everyone was incredible.


Next up was Camp Flog Gnaw which was literally a blur. Coming off flying across the country to throw a party I’d been promoting for 5 months. Lots of great music with highlights at CFG18 from Playboy Carti, Trash Talk, Tyler the Creator, Fidlar, Mike G, and Kid Cudi.

Looking forward to what 2018 brings. I promise to try to do a little better keeping up this year.