Henry Rollins Travel Slideshow @ Lincoln Theater January 15 2018

If you’ve been following the blog and dig back a few posts you’ll see I’ve been diving in on the DC punk scene for a few years. Henry Rollins is a DC kid that eventually moved from the city to chase his dreams by joining the legendary LA punk band Black Flag. Some years have passed by since leaving Black Flag in 1986 and forming his own band, The Rollins Band which has since been on hiatus since 2006. While on tour with Black Flag some time in 1985 I believe he started doing spoken word shows. He’s been writing, doing these stand ups / story telling tours touching on pop culture and include some stories of his adventures over the years. I’ve been catching up on these, checking out everything that YouTube had to offer. I highly recommend checking out his 50th birthday show that was filmed here in Washington DC.

When the opportunity to see him on tour in January I jumped. This time around Henry Rollins wanted to display his talents in photography from all his trips around the world. These images would be accompanied with his rakontur from his trips to Africa, N. Korea, South America, etc. The show lasted about two and a half hours. If you have a chance to catch him on tour I suggest doing so. There is too much experience and knowledge to soak in. Believe they are also accompanied with plenty of laughs.