Candlewax Records is an incarnation of Irish CarBomb Music. Irish CarBomb Records put out three 7-inches. One by Nine:Fifteen (when they didn’t even have a group name) with Pasha the eMCee on the flip. The Second release featured Jaysonic and was released on green vinyl. The third release was a split by Stoerok and Blake9 and was released on blue vinyl. In 2003 the appropriateness of Irish CarBomb Music as a label was in question. So, Candlewax Records was formed and has been operating ever since. Run by Blake9 and Comel_15 aka Bisquite the label continues to push the envelope and is proving to be a staple in the industry. You can download our music on iTunes and Soundcloud. Search for Nine:Fifteen, the Acorns, Blake9, Yesterday’s Truth or Olive Green and be a part of the movement!

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