• Blake9 Remixes The Dreamscapes Project feat. Malik Starx

    About two weeks ago Malik Starx asked if I would remix a project for a group called The Dreamscapes Project. After a week in the studio and an impromptu visit from Malik himself The Dreamscapes Project remix was completed. I guess I could say this is my first remix. Check out the OFFICIAL HYMN REMIX by yours truly. Check out some photos of the session I had with Malik too! Hats off to him for writing and recording that verse in about 3 hours.

  • Plastic Wrapped Couch

  • Listen and Buy our tracks on BandCamp

    Right now they don’t have a way to integrate into our current site, but please do check out the link below.
    You can listen to all the tracks from “Electric Blanket” and you can purchase the whole album for only $5!