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  • le-butcherettes Le Butcherettes @ DC9 Washington DC April 13 2016

    I had to pull some strings to get into this show. By the time I decided to attend it was sold out! Luckily, a friend of mine who lives in LA is connected to the band. I explained to her that I wanted to go but, “the show in DC was sold out”. The next day I received an email from their tour manager detailing I was granted a press pass and a +1. Things did get off to a little bit of a rough start. I forgot my phone at home! Hence I wasn’t able to get any photos. However, I did a little web surfing and found some great footage from the DC performance (see video below). As soon as I entered the building my anxiety of not having my phone subsided. I have to admit, it was nice to be present and enjoy the performance instead of constantly checking it or thinking of the next “cool” photo to post to Instagram.

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  • camp-flog Camp Flog Gnaw @ LA Coliseum November 14 2015

    This is becoming a tradition now. I fly out to LA in the Fall, record a handful of songs with my friend, and hit Camp Flog Gnaw. 2015 was the 4th Annual carnival, however only the second one I’ve attended and it did not disappoint.  I listened to the openers (Prof) via Dash Radio / The Shane Show while commuting to the Los Angeles Coliseum for the event. We entered the camp grounds to “Get Away” from The Internet which served as the perfect soundtrack to the beginning of the night. After enjoying a few more songs from The Internet we decided to walk around and get familiar with the rest of the festival grounds.

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  • soulside-fi Soulside @ Echoplex Los Angeles CA November 13 2015

    I got to go on another trip to LA this fall to record with my band SO {Standing Ovation}.  During my stay I noticed that Soulside, a DC Hardcore band that was on Dischord label in the late 80’s were going to be performing at the infamous Echoplex in Echo Park.  I definitely wanted to go and made sure to do my best to get to the show.  Coincidentally our friend was djing an improv show literally next door to the venue that same night. A few of us planed on stopping by and checking him out on the way to the show.  After seeing a few rounds of  improv acting I sneak off and walk next door just before Soulside took the stage.


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