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  • Trash Talk @ Rock & Roll Hotel Washington DC August 25 2016

    I’ve seen Trash Talk now three times now in the past 19 months. Twice in DC now and once last fall at Camp Flog Gnaw. This particular show was a last minute audible for me. I wasn’t planning on going but after a quick exchange over twitter with Lee I bought my ticket. I arrived early enough to catch the first two opening acts which were local hip hop groups. They were cool. What I think is really awesome is that a hardcore punk group like Trash Talk would have two local hip hop groups open.


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  • Buckethead @ Howard Theater DC May 11 2016

    I’ve had Buckethead on my “to see live” list for a while.  Their marketing reached me this time and when I learned he was coming to town, I got tickets. I learned about him when I was in college. There’s not much more to really say other than Buckethead is probably one of the most technically proficient guitar players living. Combined with an appearance so mysterious you can’t do anything other than look, and wonder how this man got so good.

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  • Dag Nasty @ Black Cat Washington DC April 21 2016

    Furthering my DC hardcore education and catching up on some of the experiences I missed back in the day I made sure to get tickets for this reunion. Dag Nasty playing a night in DC? Let’s go! I “couldn’t have timed this show any better” I thought as I walked right as they started playing their first song of the set.

    *Thanks to Joesuburb for this steller video of the show.

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