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  • Temperature’s Rising SO {Standing Ovation}

    A wise man once asked me “how can something be ‘retro’ if everybody ascribes to in the contemporary age>” That wise man was actually my 9 year old cousin, but I couldn’t help but think he had a good point. So many people rock retro Air Jordans nowadays that what’s the point of calling them retro in the first place? 9 year olds do a whole lot of bitching, wining, and loud noise when you are just trying to watch the Laker game without committing domestic homicide, but they are occasionally wise beyond their years.

    Aside from hypebeasts making it their lifes’ mission to buy the 11’s in every possible colorway, artists that make it their mission to revisit the golden sounds of the past are most often times making a fruitful decision. Standing Ovation, also known as SO, consists of LA native The Character and producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia. Exuding a smooth retro feel and Hip Hop that goes far beyond the genre’s traditional limits, SO are making a big splash with their new EP, Echo Park.

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  • Temperature’s Rising The Acorns

    Our society applauds renaissance men (or women). Despite one’s chosen profession, people are coming to the realization that a person can be many things at once. Music can often feel like a get-rich quick scheme, wherein an artist or band diligently studies the trends on the radio and design their creative blueprint around what the masses are feeling at the moment. The artists that follow this blueprint can usually get by for a few years with a low level of talent and an attention to detail, but usually these artists fizzle out because as we all know, tastes change.

    I’ve been writing about music for a long time. After a while, a person in my profession is able to decipher the real from the fake. To put it bluntly, some artists make music because they have no other choice– it is a natural force that rises within them, and they are compelled to put their creativity to wax that the world can also enjoy. MC Mad Squirrel and DJ BlakeNine are two emcees who wholeheartedly embody the latter, and their origins are a further testament.

    MC Mad Squirrel and DJ BlakeNine first met at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. The following year, reunited in Virginia, they founded the Acorns. They have released two full length albums, “Dropping from the Trees” and “Forming Roots”, and an EP, “Oak Future”. Mad Squirrel is master of illocution and an anthropologist working at Virginia Tech. When BlakeNine’s not rocking crowds in and around DC, he’s holds down Candlewax Records at the CWR Palace in Alexandria Virginia.

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  • Review: The Acorns – “Oak Follies” EP

    After their Oak Future release, The Acorns are back with a follow up EP entitled Oak Follies. Once again, DJ BlakeNine and Mad Squirrel hold down their brand with an impeccable flare for just being different. The Acorns stick to their own script.

    The EP takes you through a whirlwind of sounds and blends that complement the group. DJ BlakeNine is on the production and Mad Squirrel on the Mic. This project continues showing that there is music out there other that than what one hears on the radio.

    Strong tracks on the EP include “Uncommon Women,” Virginia Angler” and “Paul Pierce (Big Ball Paul).” This project has a different vibe to it, but listening to it makes being different something rather enjoyable. Overall, this is a solid project.

    Source: Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 7/10