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  • The Acorns Video Shoot The Acorns – It’s No Secret

    It’s No Secret shot by Seannie Cameras and directed by Candlewax Record’s own B. PowerPoppin shows Mad Squirrel as the king of the underground psychedelic nut trade. Everyone wants to get high and is hooked from club kids to kids on the block. Mad Squirrel has been distributing to a shady business man who is really a FBI agent looking for the Pine Cone aka the ultimate high.

    Lyric’s by B. Mad Squirrel
    Music by BlakeNine
    Video shot by SEannie Cameras
    Directed by B. PowerPoppin @bpowerpoppin

  • Nine:Fifteen – Year of the Sun (YOTS)

    Year of the Sun (YOTS) shot and directed by Jake Break shows The Character making an offer to that which is greater than him… The Sun. So get your shades out, grab your drank and hit play. Oh and don’t forget your sun screen.

    Lyric’s by B. PowerPoppin
    Music by BlakeNine
    Video shot and directed by Jake Brake @auralpusher

  • Nine:Fifteen Live at DC9 Washington DC 5/30/2010

    We’ve dug up some never seen before footage of Nine:Fifteen performing at Keenan and Smudge’s infamous “2 Sisters” party at DC9 in Washington DC 5/30/2010. Enjoy!

    Nine:Fifteen performs DC9 Washington DC 5/31/10

    Vintage Nine:Fifteen performance video @ DC9 Washington DC 5/31/10

    Set List:

    Electric Blanket
    Guarded Things
    Nasty Boy
    Beautiful Too
    Endless Gold