CEO of Candlewax Records. In 2001 BlakeNine aka Bronze Baby Shoes released released his first recording on Irish CarBomb Records. In 2003 He began Candlewax Records.  With my good friend Bisquite Powerpoppin aka The Character we have kept the label running since 2003. I produce several artists that have all released recordings on Candlewax Records.

SO {Standing Ovation}

SO {Standing Ovation} the anything goes bicoastal duo consisting of producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia and vocalist/lyricist The Character residing in Los Angeles.Styled as “Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company”.

The Acorns Video Shoot

The Acorns

MC Mad Squirrel and DJ BlakeNine first met at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. The following year, reunited in Virginia, they founded the Acorns.


Nine:Fifteen meet through mutual friend, mentor and music collaborator Jaysonic aka JetSet Jay (of Time Machine) in the year 2000. The two proceeded to work together releasing their first single on 7inch vinyl titled “Say What” in 2001.  In 2014 the duo became SO {Standing Ovation}.  Currently, Nine:Fifteen is on indefinite hiatus.