The Acorns – Oak Future

After taking time away to work on various projects, The Acorns are back! The six-song EP “Oak Future” announces the return of the DC-based hip hop duo. When BlakeNine and Mad Squirrel started assembling their new collection of music, they found that the songs they were putting together shared some emotional states and thematic threads—questioning authority, postcolonial bravado, devotion to old friends and the intrigue of new ones. With plenty of inspiration, they headed back to Irish CarBomb Studio and created this eclectic set of modern hip hop explorations.


Mad Squirrel writing at Irish CarBomb Studio Alexandria VA

Musically, The Acorns polished and expanded their approach, retaining their edgy subterranean sound on the deep-pocketed, mid-tempo classic “It’s No Secret”—a whirlwind of maple-soaked sinister sweetness that calls to mind Danny Brown and Big Bear. “No Regrets,” one of the last songs to be written, sprang to life one magical Memorial Day while driving through Richmond. This majestic, uplifting, twenty-first century hip hop anthem stands out as a harbinger of things to come, going from a widescreen velvety throb to a psychedelic patriotic ramble in the course of four electric minutes.

In scope, palette, and composition, “Oak Future” is more…

Track Listing:

  1.  No Regrets
  2.  Nu Romance Rap
  3.  Three Little Birds Remix
  4. Mutants of Left Brain Perception feat. Watusi
  5. Never Know feat. Bronze Baby Shoes
  6. It’s No Secret

– “BlakeNine has created a unique sound that meshes perfectly with Mad Squirrel’s storytelling. The Acorns “Oak Future” EP is the rare underground rap release that manages to be progressive and strange while staying accessible and catchy. I’m reminded of arty, early ’90s crossover rap mixed and wordy, late ’90s backpacker hip-hop.” – Chris L. Terry, author of Zero Fade


Oak Future Album Art

Oak Future Album Art

Oak Future Track Listing

Oak Future Track Listing

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