SO {Standing Ovation} – COLISEUM

SO {Standing Ovation} the anything goes bicoastal duo consisting of producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia and vocalist/lyricist The Character residing in Los Angeles are set to release “COLISEUM”, on January 17th, 2017. Styled as “Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company”. This six track EP was recorded over a five day visit to Echo Park Los Angeles. The anticipation and excitement of travel, desperation and exploration of sound rotate peacefully on this perfectly centered piece of work. “COLISEUM” is the sum of Freedom.



Echo Park




SO {Standing Ovation} – Echo Park

SO {Standing Ovation} the anything goes bicoastal duo consisting of producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia and vocalist/lyricist The Character residing in Los Angeles are set to release “Echo Park”, on December 9th, 2015.



Oak Follikes




The Acorns – Oak Follies

While your favorite underground hip hop groups power nap, the Acorns have been putting in work. Oak Follies represents the duo of MC Mad Squirrel’s and DJ BlakeNine best work to date. Fans of their classic, sentimental love raps—think 5She and Nu Romance Rap—will palpitate over Uncommon Women. Inspired by the Wendy Wasserstein play, and dedicated to education pioneer Mary Lyon, the track mixes Left Me Lonely’s heartfelt musings with She Keeps on Passing Me By’s upbeat spirit.
Served over a booming and hauntingly echoey BlakeNine beat, Virginia Angular demonstrates the curiously excessive, transatlantic stylings that Mad Squirrel is most known for. Complete with curbside reports from the Old Town (Alexandria) streets, “VA” stakes its early claim as the most notorious springtime anthem.
The EP’s first release, Paul Pierce (Big Ball Paul), is a Slick Rick-esque story-time jam that gives a nod to the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, AC/DC and all Truth-seekers this side of the Mississippi. The song has already become a standard at Friday night NBA-watching parties, and some claim it’s directly responsible for the Washington Wizard’s season success.
Not to be overlooked, the title track is quite simply the feel good song of the year.
– “Cerebral LYRICISM and sound sculpting with its roots woven and enriched in historical, groundbreaking Hip Hop.” – VEX DAV@RTEX, BOOGIEMONSTERS



Shooting In The Dark




The Acorns – Oak Future

After taking time away to work on various projects, The Acorns are back! The six-song EP “Oak Future” announces the return of the DC-based hip hop duo. When BlakeNine and Mad Squirrel started assembling their new collection of music, they found that the songs they were putting together shared some emotional states and thematic threads—questioning authority, postcolonial bravado, devotion to old friends and the intrigue of new ones. With plenty of inspiration, they headed back to Irish CarBomb Studio and created this eclectic set of modern hip hop explorations.
Musically, The Acorns polished and expanded their approach, retaining their edgy subterranean sound on the deep-pocketed, mid-tempo classic “It’s No Secret”—a whirlwind of maple-soaked sinister sweetness that calls to mind Danny Brown and Big Bear. “No Regrets,” one of the last songs to be written, sprang to life one magical Memorial Day while driving through Richmond. This majestic, uplifting, twenty-first century hip hop anthem stands out as a harbinger of things to come, going from a widescreen velvety throb to a psychedelic patriotic ramble in the course of four electric minutes.



Shooting In The Dark




Nine:Fifteen – Shooting In The Dark

Nine:Fifteen the anything goes duo of Producer BlakeNine of Virginia and writer Bisquite Powerpoppin residing in Los Angels released their second full length album “Shooting In The Dark”. Styled Full Moon Funk, the nine-track album explores the eye of the modern musical storm. Devestation, desolation, fear, and emergency rotate on a peacefully centered piece of work. “Shooting In The Dark” is the sum of Freedom.
Following the successful reception of Nine:Fifteen debut LP Electric Blanket, the two friends took steps in developing a visual and sonic experience that could only best be described as Full Moon Funk. Shooting In The Dark conceptually started in 2011. Written by Bisquite Powerpoppin and recorded and mix ed by DJ BlakeNine they took their inspiration and love of sound to produce a record that would be it’s own tornado of hope and triumph. BlakeNine’s diverse musical range and Bisquite Powerpoppin’s vocal schizophrenia displays the groups long standing love for Hip Hop, R&B, Dance and Punk. They have now delivered “Shooting In The Dark”, best described as Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow chemical company.

electric blanket



Nine:Fifteen – Electric Blanket

The long awaited debut album by Nine:Fifteen titled Electric Blanket. Thirteen tracks of music like you’ve never heard before from Nine:Fifteen. Available on limited edition CD and MP3.





Nine:Fifteen – Plastic Wrapped Couch

Ditigal only release from the group.  Sets the foundation to the groups debut album.  Featuring Newman of Giant Panda Format: MP3





The Acorns – Forming Roots

the Acorns second full length album.  Adventures, tea sipping, and girl chasing by our friend Mad Squirrel.  Released February 2008.  Format: MP3





Nine:Fifteen – Walking Thru Fire

Nine:Fifteen’s third single.  Fresh beats and rhymes.  Featuring Shawn Jackson & Radel Esca.  Released April 2007. Format: Limited Edition 12-inch & MP3.



art for arts sake



Blake9 & Count Bass D

A pleasant collaboration between the legendary Count Bass D and Blake9. Available on limited edition 12-inch and MP3.





Nine:Fifteen – Spilt Milk

Nine:Fifteen’s first single on Candlewax Records.  Where it all started (for the most part).  Boom Bap beats and scull cap pealing rhymes.  Released January 2004.  Format: Limited Edition 12-inch & MP3




The Acorns – Dropping From the Trees

the Acorns debut album.  Said to featuring Mad Squirrel over some hard hitting beats.  Plenty of tree climbing, tea sipping and nemesis shit talking.  Released April 2004.  Format: Limited Edition CD & MP3




Nine:Fifteen – Deluxe Laminated

NIne:Fifteen’s second single.  Featuring Jaysonic aka Jet Set Jay of Time Machine fame.  Three tracks that are firmly rooted in boom bap with instrumentals.  Released January 2005.  Format: Limited Edition 12-inch & MP3




Blake 9 – Crawl Before You Walk

Blake9’s first self titled release.   A six song EP featuring long time friend collaborator Pasha the eMCee and Bay Area’s flame spitter Prego 3.5.  Released April 2008.  Format: MP3



olive green



BlakeNine & Vex Da Vortex (Boogiemonsters)

It was a challenge to track him down or find out much on the crew down at this time, until I came across a MySpace page in 2008.  We now present to you a collaboration. BlakeNine and Vex DaVortex from Boogiemonsters. Released May 2012.



olive green



Olive Green

The Bay Area duo consisting of Laser Tag Nate and Beat Lennon that is Olive Green put out a fantastic 7-inch record on Candlewax Records.  Two songs from the Vinyl Monkey’s featuring Blake9 and King Most on the cut.  Released April 2004.  Format: Limited Edition 7-inch & MP3.



yesterdays truth



Yesterdays Truth

Yesterday’s Truth self titled EP.  Released July 2008.  Format: MP3


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