Nine:Fifteen “Shooting in the Dark” LP on Color Vinyl



Following the successful reception of Nine:Fifteen debut LP Electric Blanket, the two friends took steps in developing a visual and sonic experience that could only best be described as Full Moon Funk. Shooting In The Dark conceptually started in 2011. Written by Bisquite Powerpoppin and rec o rded and mix ed by DJ BlakeNine they took their inspiration and love of sound to produce a record that would be it’s own tornado of hope and triumph. BlakeNine diverse musical range and Bisquite Powerpoppin vocal schizophrenia displays the groups long standing love for Hip Hop, R&B, Dance and Punk. They have now delivered “Shooting In The Dark” ,best described as Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up Dow chemical company.



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