• Weird N Aweful Weird N Aweful @ Urban Event Space Los Angeles CA November 11 2016

    This was an extra added bonus from my trip to LA. I randomly meet Rakeem Miles on Facebook.  He’s a great MC from Baltimore Maryland.  He also managed to throw a great event in Los Angeles the night before Camp Flog Gnaw 2016. His event company Weird N Aweful secured a patio in the back of an art store for the performances. I didn’t really quite know what to expect, except that I had a feeling I’d be one of the oldest people in the building. I love music and I love staying on top of the “underground”. So, I had to go and check these kids out.  This is event included performances by Rakeem Miles, Herrick and Hooley, and more.  Also, pop up shops from up and coming street wear designers like my #Shane100 brethren Infinite Expression, Soggy Waffels, and even an appearnce by Odd Future’s own Mike G. It was definitely a lot of fun. I’m hoping to catch a Weird N Aweful event again soon. Be sure to check out Rakeem has he rises to the top!


    Weird N Aweful

    Weird N Aweful

  • SO {Standing Ovation} Speed video

    Throughout the years of Hip Hop history, many artists have aimed to expand the realms of the genre as we know it by channeling into new lyrical approaches and abstract sound engineering. Enter SO, a uniquely different pair consisting of Virginian producer Bronze Baby Shoes and emcee frontman, The Character. The best way to describe their sound would be The Beastie Boys crossed with Rage Against The Machine and Enigma.

    In their latest offering, the visual for “SPEED”, Standing Ovation incorporates mystical imagery that is aimed at sparking brain cells into a deep thought. Not your typical backback based Hip Hop but none the less, SO offers up music for the mental. The song will be featured on their “COLISEUM” project slated to drop at the turn of the year on January 17th. Press play and prepare to enter the outer realms of “SPEED”below.

    Source: Get Your Buzz Up

  • speed-still1 SO {Standing Ovation} – SPEED

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