• The Pharcyde @ Ophelia’s Denver CO April 21 2017

    It was my first time in Colorado since probably 2003. Two of my best friends from college, who happen to get married, ended up moving out there after we graduated. Needless to say they’ve met some people, hence the reason why my buddy was able to pull VIP tickets and seats in the owners box of the venue to see The Pharcyde. Ophelia’s is a live performance space in downtown Denver CO that has a ton of character. Hats off to the owner who also happens to run several other restaurants in the city that have a lot of flare.

    The Pharcyde took the stage at about 11:00 and went through all of their hits. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the performance. I did however grab the set list that was taped to the stage.

  • Vince Staples w/ Kilo Kish @ 930 Club Washington DC March 31 2017

    This was probably one of the better live shows I’ve seen in a while. Kilo Kish opening was fantastic. Her set displayed her love for performance art. Her set was very theatrical, contained great music, and a very entertaining. Also, just when you think you’re doing something you see someone doing ten times better. Kilo Kish’s one man band was very impressive. I’m not sure if many others in the building noticed him constructing the tracks from the ground up on the spot and on time. Then alternating between riffs on the guitar, piano, and inserting effects live. It was impressive to see this guy work.

    Vince Staples 1

    The room filled in and it was time for Vince Staples to take the stage. Perched up on the second floor of the club I had a great view of the stage. Vince commanded it for an hour, all by himself. As far as I could tell, he didn’t have a dj or hypeman. He put on an amazing performance. All by himself. Definitely a highlight for 2017 concert going.

    Vince Staples 2

  • SO {Standing Ovation} UGLY

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