• Kevin Abstract @ Songbyrd House March 3 2017

    Last Fall I got myself into a little trouble with the fans from The Shane Show for saying that an interview Shane did with Kevin was “flat”. Full disclosure, I couldn’t understand why a powerhouse manager like Christian Clancy would add an artist like Kevin Abstract to his roster. However, after catching Kevin on what I believe was his first stop in Washington DC I now understand what he sees.  Kevin reserves himself for his music and performances.



    The fellas in Brockhampton put on a performance that didn’t disappoint. Kevin’s stage set up was engaging and something you don’t really see from an artist on their first solo tour. It was refreshing to see someone had thought about the details. DJ Romil did a nice job of warming the crowd up with the latest hits to get everyone lit. I enjoyed Kevin’s set. Having Roy Blair on stage with him backing Kevin up and singing hooks is a great look. The front part of the set was loaded with my personal favorites from his latest release American Boyfriend.  This made the last half of the show drag a bit for me. The sold out crowd and energy in the room made for a great performance. At the end of the show I made sure to stop by the merchandise booth to meet Stay Broke Nick and cop some gear. Long sleeve tour t-shirt and a hoodie that my “crush” liberated and has conveniently miss placed.


    I’m looking forward to watching Kevin Abstract grow. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye Brockhampton gang.


  • Death Grips @ 9:30 Club Washington DC July 11

    I enjoyed “The Money Store” album a lot.  It was my soundtrack to my April 2014 trip to NYC. Truthfully, I didn’t really listen to the other projects a whole lot but was still compelled to catch them on their stop in DC.  It was all the press surrounding the group over the past three years.  Their consistent release of music, break up, and then their sly announcement that they were getting back together and going on tour.


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  • Trash Talk @ Black Cat Washington DC February 28 2015

    Trash Talk, Ratking, and Lee Bannon made a stop in DC. Being a hardcore fan and an an Odd Future fan I had to catch this show. Trash Talk is an American hardcore band from Sacramento CA and are signed to Odd Future’s record label.

    Trash Talk at Black Cat Washington DC February 28 2015

    Trash Talk at Black Cat Washington DC February 28 2015

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