The Acorns – Oak Follies

OAK FUTURE Marks the beginning of a movement.  The follow up, “Oak Follies”, is destined to be another Acorns classic.

Oak Follies


While your favorite underground hip hop groups power nap, the Acorns have been putting in work. Oak Follies represents the duo of MC Mad Squirrel’s and DJ BlakeNine best work to date. Fans of their classic, sentimental love raps—think 5She and Nu Romance Rap—will palpitate over Uncommon Women. Inspired by the Wendy Wasserstein play, and dedicated to education pioneer Mary Lyon, the track mixes Left Me Lonely’s heartfelt musings with She Keeps on Passing Me By’s upbeat spirit.

Served over a booming and hauntingly echoey BlakeNine beat, Virginia Angular demonstrates the curiously excessive, transatlantic stylings that Mad Squirrel is most known for. Complete with curbside reports from the Old Town (Alexandria) streets, “VA” stakes its early claim as the most notorious springtime anthem.

The EP’s first release, Paul Pierce (Big Ball Paul), is a Slick Rick-esque story-time jam that gives a nod to the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, AC/DC and all Truth-seekers this side of the Mississippi. The song has already become a standard at Friday night NBA-watching parties, and some claim it’s directly responsible for the Washington Wizard’s season success.

Not to be overlooked, the title track is quite simply the feel good song of the year.

Track Listing:

  1.  Uncommon Women
  2.  Grapevine Too
  3.  Paul Pierce (Big Ball Paul)
  4.  Virginia Angler
  5.  Oak Follies

– “Cerebral LYRICISM and sound sculpting with its roots woven and enriched in historical, groundbreaking Hip Hop.” – VEX DAV@RTEX, BOOGIEMONSTERS